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Our new site relaunch is just the beginning

By Charlie Liang

You’ve probably already seen the new Shipwire website. While we’re proud of the hard work we’ve put into redesigning our new site, we’re not resting on laurels. The new redesign is only phase one of something even bigger. In the next few months, we’re planning on rolling out an all new back end to complement and complete our look.


Last Wednesday, a new look for Shipwire’s administrative panel was released which showed off a newly skinned backend to match the frontend redesign. From the Dashboard to Account Setup, every table and menu were coated with a layer of our new awesomeness.

But this is only the beginning. Keep your ear to the ground – more exciting changes are coming to Shipwire.com.

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Shipwire offers a compreshensive enterprise level order fulfillment and logistics solution to growing companies looking to outsource the hassles of shipping and fulfillment and grow their business. We enable ecommerce merchants to expand their businesses domestically and internationally while saving time and costs. Check out our 2 minute video to learn more about us. Or try us out for free today.