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October 20, 2012

By Allen Smith

Truth About Trucking “TV” made its debut 10/19/2012 on Spreecast ,the most recently advanced “live” streaming video social media platform to date.

Truth About Trucking “TV” is recorded “live” and later added to the archives and allows up to four guests to appear simultaneously on-screen via webcam.

View slideshow: Truth About Trucking “TV” on Spreecast

The program can play a huge role in Trucking Social Media activities:

  • Created videos with up to four guests on screen at once and unlimited viewers
  • Recorded automatically for instant playback
  • Easily shared on social networks, or embeded on websites, blogs, and shared via Facebook and Twitter

All you need to participate in Truth About Trucking “TV” is a good internet connection, a headset or mic with no background noise and a webcam. You can learn more by visiting the Truth About Trucking “TV” Participation & Guidelines PDF form.


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