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By Ari Levy

In his quarter century of broadcast journalism, Scott Baker said he has used virtually every expensive and hard-to-use piece of audio, video and webcasting equipment on the market. So last year when he tested Spreecast, a website that lets users broadcast video and interact with viewers, he was shocked.

With just a webcam and a browser, Baker was able to create a daily, hour-long news talk program for tens of thousands of viewers. For free.

Baker, 48, is editor-in-chief of TheBlaze, a conservative-leaning political news site he co-founded in 2010 after three years of helping run Breitbart.com, the website started by muckraker Andrew Breitbart. As part of his job at TheBlaze, Baker anchored a daily webcast. He stopped in 2011 because of the constant pressure to generate fresh content for his website while also launching TheBlaze TV, a subscription network featuring former Fox News host Glenn Beck.

That was until he heard about Spreecast. Now, Baker just fires up his computer, logs in and starts talking to fans for his afternoon sessions, called BlazeCasts. Viewers are able to submit questions and chat with one another in a text box on the side. With his discussions on topics such as gun owner rights, Obamacare and the fiscal cliff, Baker attracts an audience that exceeds 100,000 on some days. And he can work from anywhere.

“I do that show staring into a two-year-old MacBook Pro,” Baker said. “On the road, I’ve done this show in airports using a wireless card with only the internal microphone, and the audience seems to like it just as much.”

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