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As posted at Montverde.org


Montverde Academy is excited to announce that a new and innovative educational component has been initiated in the curriculum of the Montverde Academy Lower-school 5th grade classes to assist student transition into MVA Middle-school through the implementation of a new and exciting program called “Schoology.” Many parents, teachers, and students (already working with the combined schools) are already familiar with this computer-based program – that allows teachers to better manage the classroom , locate resources, and communicate with other faculty and administration on a twenty-four hour continual basis. This intuitive platform promises to strengthen educational aids already in-place by using technology to improve student learning through a secure on-line environment.

Anissa Labrador, MVA Instructional Technology Coordinator, has been a key facilitator in Schoology’s enactment and recently wrote 5th grader parents, “each student will be given a unique username and password to access the site. With Schoology, students can engage in a variety of activities created by their teachers such as receiving and submitting assignments, participating in interactive discussions, accessing links and files for projects… Students will be taught how to use Schoology during the school day with supervision and guidance from their teachers.” MVA teachers and staff are equally enthusiastic. Leslie Parra, MVA 5th grade teacher and MVA Master Teacher Class of 2012, told Montverde.org, “I am extremely excited with this addition and look forward to using SCHOOLOGY with my students!”

When asked about the advanced use of “Schoology” program at Montverde Academy, Dennis Woodward, Director of Information Technology, told Montverde.org, “As a college preparatory school, we have been using online CMS [course management systems] on and off for the past decade. Buy-in from teachers has increased over the past three years to a point where we standardized on one platform. I have been working with the founder of Schoology for two years and have told them of my vision of integrating more of our courses to an online platform just as nearly every college has done at this point.” Mr. Woodward also envisions a time in the future where platforms an information systems can be integrated to expedite in-use software programs already utilized by Montverde Academy also stating, “Knowing that teacher buy-in would be greater if the Schoology platform integrated with our student information system, I have pleaded with Schoology to work with the Blackbaud developers so that they could develop APIs to allow students to automatically be populated from our scheduling software. This integration will streamline much of the work that teachers are currently doing manually or taking class time to perform… When teachers are using the Schoology platform effectively, students will have a much easier transition in their post-secondary online courses.”