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Posted by eduardo

If you are someone looking to constantly engage your audience with news content, blog materials or Q & A, then our Orlando Internet Marketing team suggests using Spreecast. Spreecast is a powerful and free tool, used for videocasting online interactive sessions where you can connect with other like-minded viewers.

Unlike other similar services, Spreecast focuses on the social aspects of video conferencing, allowing the community to share videos through their own websites or other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. One of the unique characteristics of Spreecast is that it provides the ability to create groups sessions that are recorded live, so that the content can be posted and viewed by followers later. Up to four people are capable of taking part in a live stream, while any remaining followers are still able to chat with the participants as well as with one another. As the host, you can even schedule a live stream for a specific time in advance, categorize your stream, and create private sessions. For those concerned with privacy, Spreecast enables you to keep your live video unlisted, public or private and even chat privately with others.

Consider the possibilities with Spreecast! Although similar to Skype or Google+ Hangouts, it provides enough flexibility and unique features to stand on its own. Spreecast is rapidly attracting a wide range of followers: from bloggers, to journalists, to business owners and anyone else that wants to engage directly with their audience and followers via video.

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