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By Joe Petrucci
As posted at Keystoneedge.com
When Bob Boback set out to create Tiversa in 2003, he was defining an entirely new space in the security field that focused on combating online piracy, an issue that would soon bubble over into one of the most difficult problems for content producers in the technology age.
One can imagine that validation was important in the early going. Like when Boback’s patent attorney told him that the technology his company Tiversa was developing was worth $50 million. Three years later when signing for a venture investment, Boback realized that he was a multi-millionaire (on paper, at least), and bought out his co-founder Sam Hopkins so he could retire at age 38.
The company has enjoyed monumental success ever since. Its peer-to-peer intelligence services can monitor more than 550 million users issuing 1.8 billion searches daily
Tiversa’s work is weighty. In 2009 it provided the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee with 200 sensitive military documents it accessed using peer-to-peer networks used by government employees. The company is also a partner of the FBI-LEEDA (Law Enforcement Executive Development Association), Infragard Pittsburgh and the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.
The company has a long history of growth and recently purchased a building for $2.6 million in downtown Pittsburgh to house its operations. It also plans on hiring more staff in 2013.
What was the inspiration behind Tiversa?
The idea behind Tiversa literally started as a dream.  I wanted to provide a viable solution to the media industry to address the billions of dollars lost to illegal piracy of copyrighted goods
What was the biggest challenge in getting Tiversa off the ground?
The biggest challenge at Tiversa and almost any business is always that of finding the RIGHT people to work with.  Like every other company, Tiversa has made some missteps in that process but today we have an incredible staff of extremely talented individuals.
How is Tiversa growing?
Through the creation of solid partnerships and strong technology, Tiversa has experienced steady growth since the very beginning.  We continue recognize significant year over year growth with healthy margins.  Our staff has continued to grow as well and should see considerable growth this year.
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