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Shipwire order fulfillment for Web Cube will provide merchants and top brands seamless inventory tracking and order fulfillment integration. The Web Cube connection will be available in the second quarter of 2013. You can fill out the wait list below to be notified of its release.


Order entry integration – Orders are submitted to Shipwire from your store automatically via our Order Entry API, so when your online store gets an order Shipwire does the rest.

Order tracking integration – Pull order confirmation and tracking information related to shipments, including partial fulfillments.

Live inventory sync – Inventory levels are automatically synced between all Shipwire warehouses and Web Cube.

Real-time shipping rates – Your customers see real-time shipping rates in their checkout, synced directly from Shipwire.


Web Cube waitlist

Click here and fill out the form to be notified of the Web Cube integration release.  Visit Web Cube.