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BeatBox Technologies, LLC was located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and developed and sold products that helped companies optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their online presence. Its lead product, the BeatBox® web optimization appliance, passively tapped into computer networks to collect, cleanse, analyze, and deliver real-time click-stream information. In simpler terms, the BeatBox product was a piece of hardware loaded with unique, proprietary software that was installed on customer server racks and both monitored and recorded customers’ web traffic. The product provided these owners of web sites with extensive data on how users interacted with their sites – where users went on the site, what information they sought, and where they had problems (filled shopping carts that were never purchased, etc.). The product provided detailed and aggregate data on thousands or millions of user sessions and also provided the ability to replay each individual session. Companies operating web sites with large numbers of visitors found this product to be particularly valuable in understanding how to improve and optimize their web presences. BeatBox was sold to Mercury Interactive in 2005 for $12.5 million.

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