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Cloudmeter is a next generation real-user monitoring (RUM) solution designed to provide clients with everything they need to understand and improve their end-users’ experiences.  Cloudmeter, a MaaS (Monitoring as a Service) solution for cloud-based as well as datacenter, and hybrid based applications, was developed with focus on ease of use and customers’ needs, culminating from years of experience in developing and selling RUM and APM solutions.  Cloudmeter provides visibility into real customers’ experiences by monitoring all of the actual transactions conducted by end-users of web applications.  This is fundamentally different from synthetic monitoring, which uses automated scripts to replicate the end-user behavior.  Cloudmeter allows clients to quickly identify, prioritize and correct performance problems, ensuring that their applications are running as planned and that the end-users have positive online experiences.

Cloudmeter requires no hardware or expensive and disruptive implementation services, and is available at a fraction of the cost of other RUM and APM solutions.  In fact, the Cloudmeter agent can be downloaded and installed for free, and customers pay based on the size and number of transactions the agent is tasked to monitor.  Whereas most APM solutions are six or seven figure sales, Cloudmeter clients are charged a fraction of a cent for each (simple or complex) transaction.  Visit Cloudmeter.com and request a Beta Invite today.

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