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Kiva Systems, Inc. has developed a complete material handling hardware and software solution for the pick, pack and ship order fulfillment and warehousing industry.  The company has created an innovative solution (hardware, software, process and service) which overcomes the complexity of existing conveyor and carousel fixed infrastructure, and the processes constrained by these systems in traditional warehouses.  Kiva’s complete warehouse automation solution is sometimes compared to an automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS), but it’s so much more – more flexible, more accurate, more productive, much easier to use and more cost effective.  Kiva is a goods-to-man order picking and fulfillment system like no other, and widely recognized as the leader in eCommerce fulfillment solutions.

In distribution centers, warehouses and manufacturing plants equipped with Kiva solutions, operators stand still while the products come to them.  Pallets, cases, and orders are stored on mobile inventory shelves that are picked up and moved by a fleet of robotic drive units.  The robots deliver shelves to ergonomic work stations that are fitted with technology, fixtures and other tools that simplify each worker’s tasks from order picking to packing to shipping to quality control.  As a result, any product can go to any operator at any time to fill any order.  Visit KIVAsystems.com to learn more.

Mick Mountz, founder and CEO of Kiva Systems, describes KIVA’s solutions to the challenges of online ordering in this video.

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