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Spreecast is a social networking video streaming platform that restores the intimacy of face-to-face interaction in on-line conversations.  “Spreecasts” facilitate video chats between up to four people simultaneously, and can also be streamed live to an audience across the web.  Spreecast can be used privately, but is designed to facilitate public discussions and open forums on topics of interest for individual viewers and content creators.  Spreecast allows the event hosts to connect with any number of individuals by making the live video stream public, embedding social networking feeds that allow viewers to chat with each other during the Spreecast, and encouraging the viewers to submit questions or comments to the content creators who then moderate the on-line discussion.  Spreecasts are also available for instant playback, can be embedded into websites, or integrated into popular social networking feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  No other platform offers this level of engagement.

Spreecast is changing the way we have conversations on line.  It is a popular  and extremely powerful tool for bloggers, journalists, politicians, celebrities, educators, and others, because it allows them to interact and communicate with their audience in an authentic, transparent, and engaging way.

Create your own video conversations and find out more at Spreecast.com


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