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Our Values

We have built Meakem Becker Venture Capital on the rock solid foundation of timeless values.  Our stability and strength comes from a commitment to treating every entrepreneur, team member and investor with respect and dignity.  As you get to know us, you’ll see that we’re relentless in pursuing these principles.

When you interact with the Meakem Becker team, we hope you will find us living out these values:

  • Honesty:  We engage others with straightforward honesty.
  • Courage:  We take necessary risks, make difficult decisions, and have hard discussions.
  • Graciousness:  We maintain a gracious attitude, employing the highest level of professionalism in every communication.
  • Excellence:  We honor our commitments by performing our best work every day.
  • Performance:  We strive to deliver great results to the people who invest in us and we invest behind entrepreneurs who share our commitment to achieving great results.
  • Respect:  We demonstrate respect towards everyone with whom we do business.
  • Fairness:  We practice fairness in our business dealings and seek to help the entrepreneurs in whom we invest achieve their maximum potentials.  We’re careful to reward exceptional effort and performance while maintaining the highest ethics and personal integrity.
  • Reliability:  We fulfill obligations to our valued partners, and strive to meet and exceed expectations.
  • Balance:  We keep life in perspective by honoring our family, personal and professional commitments.
  • Urgency:  We move fast.  We treat every investment opportunity with efficiency and dispatch, while being vigilant and watchful of emerging opportunities.

If we’ve come up short in any category, we hope you will let us know.  While it’s not highlighted on the list, be sure that we value accountability in all our pursuits.